You must be [i]rabidly[/i] pro-abortion

You must be [i]rabidly[/i] pro-abortion

Eileen McNamara slams former Boston mayor and former Vatican ambassador Ray Flynn for criticizing John Kerry for being pro-abortion even though he served as ambassador for the pro-abortion Bill Clinton. But then McNamara goes further to savage John Kerry for trying to have it both ways on abortion. She mocks his attempt to appeal to pro-lifers with his “personally opposed, but ...”

Evidently, it is no longer enough to just tolerate abortion, but now you must be a wholehearted proponent of it or you will be thrown under the bus by your liberal confreres. What she does to Flynn is nothing compared to what she does to Kerry.

Of course, part of the problem for Eileen is that all this pro-life stuff comes out as part of an expression of ... ick ... religion! “Maybe at tonight’s debate the candidates could focus less on their piety and more on their plans for the future.” Yeah, keep that embarrassing religion and values stuff in the Sunday box where it belongs!

  • 1.  That’s pretty well the line with the McNamaras:  if the pro-abort political kickline concedes any moral legitimacy to the other side, they’re doomed.  And they know it.  That’s why they have to keep the euphemistic shell game going at high speed, and pay no attention to the child in the 3-D ultrasound.

    2.  The H&K is not bad…for a ladies’ gun. 

    Just kidding.  Mostly.  It looks like a superb target pistol, which is pretty well useless to me given my less than impressive pistolry.

    Plus, it’s a 9mm—ack!  My brother the customs official says there’s a reason why they have high capacity magazines for their 9mm (Glocks). 

    They need them.

    With that advice, give me a .45 any day of the week.

  • See I just don’t know enough about weapons. The government needs also to provide me with state-funded gun education, but not gun abstinence since that’s affected by an ideology and unrealistic.

    How about the Beretta 92 Steel-I, chambered in .40-S&W? Or is that a chick gun too?

  • Re:  the Beretta.  No, that’s plenty macho.  smile

    And, now that I think of it, I think I enjoyed firing the Smith and Wesson .40 most of all.  A good, solid kick but it allows you to recover and re-target sometime during the same week.

    I compare the 9mm to the aluminum bat in college baseball.  Whatever else it is, it doesn’t *sound* like baseball.  Ditto the 9—too “poppy” for my taste.