You can’t use the secular courts to force a doctrinal change

You can’t use the secular courts to force a doctrinal change

A woman who sued the Church in civil court for the “right” to be ordained a priest was laughed out of court. Lawyer (grr!) Susan Rockwell had sued in federal court to be allowed to be ordained a Catholic priest, claiming that the Church’s 2,000-year-old teachings based on the words of Christ and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit violated her right to free expression and freedom of religion.

I think this woman needs to have her law license taken away because she exhibits so little understanding of even the basics of the Constitution. The First Amendment prevents exactly what she wanted the government to do: interfere in the free practice of religion. Of course, liberals have so abused the First Amendment over the years, twisting it to mean whatever they want, that I suppose it wasn’t unreasonable for her to expect it go even further.

Can you imagine if the court actually had sided with her? I don’t see Rome saying, “Oh, well, if the US government says we have to ordain women, then I guess we have to.” I’m sorry, Susan, but the charism of infallibility doesn’t extend to the federal court system, as much as the ACLU would like it to.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli