Would Jesus stage a sit-in?

Would Jesus stage a sit-in?

The Sixties have returned to Weymouth, Mass. Some of the former parishioners of the now-closed St. Albert parish are staging a sit-in at the church. I wonder if they’re singing “We shall overcome” and “Hell no, we won’t go.” Oh, that’s right, they don’t believe in hell.

Archdiocesan leaders, to their credit, are avoiding a confrontation and won’t change the locks or doing anything against the people. They’re going to wait them out. I have a feeling it won’t take long. After the first few defeats in court, they’ll move on.

Once again, Bella English provides editorial commentary in what is supposedly a news article. she writes, “St. Albert’s meets none of the criteria for closing: Its pews and coffers are full, its buildings in good shape.” Yet, that statement ignores what Archbishop O’Malley actually said. Back when he first announced the closings, he said that the overall declining attendance, movement of people, and financial matters of the all the parishes in the archdiocese necessitated some closings. He also said that some that apparently don’t meet the criteria, individually, will have to close anyway so that more marginal parishes that serve poor and immigrant communities in the urban centers can remain open. And since they just don’t need five parishes in Weymouth, the resources that would have gone toward that fifth parish can be re-distributed elsewhere.