Why was he in the position in the first place?

Why was he in the position in the first place?

You to wonder about the judgment and maturity of this priest. Father Henry Krawczyk is charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of a University of Pittsburgh student. A group of college kids were living at his rectory while they were temporarily homeless and he provided the underage kids with liquor and boasted he could outdrink them.

Why is a 50-year-old priest (a) having a group of young men living with him in the current climate and (b) so immature that he feels he must act like an adolescent? Did no one at the chancery recognize there was a problem with Krawczyk? For one thing, there was a previous instance of the priest being accused of providing liquor and possibly drugs to a minor. And, surprise, it was a boy and he apparently had made sexual advances to the boy.

Can anyone tell me why this guy was still a pastor? Some people love the idea of second chances for pervert priests, but more and more evidence tells us that this is a mistake.