Why is the Pope sneaking out of the Vatican at night?

Why is the Pope sneaking out of the Vatican at night?

Why is Pope Benedict sneaking out of the Vatican at night to visit his old apartment for hours at a time? The Daily Telegraph reports that an Italian newspaper claims this is what the Holy Father has been doing.

At about 9pm a plain, dark car carrying 78-year-old Pope Benedict and his private secretary, Don Georg Gaenswein, swirls out of a side door of Vatican city. It then doubles round in the back streets before arriving at 1 Piazza Citta Leonina, a hall of residence for senior Church figures and the Pope’s home as a cardinal for almost 24 years.

A Vatican security guard is always waiting in front of the apartments in a pedestrian zone tucked behind St Peter’s Square. The Pope gets out of the car disguised in the plain black priest’s robes he wore when he was the Catholic Church’s senior theologian.

Wearing a black hat and with his head down, he opens the wooden door himself, as he did for all those years, and tiptoes inside followed by Don Georg.

They speculate that he’s hankering after his old life of being a cardinal, that he wants to get away from the Vatican.

I think the explanation is probably rather simple. Recall that the Holy Father loves cats and owns several of them and he wasn’t allowed to bring them with him to the Vatican.

He’s obviously visiting his cats.

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