Why I’m not going to see the Pope

Why I’m not going to see the Pope

As you’re probably well aware if you’re reading this, Pope Benedict flew to the US today for his six-day visit. It culminates on Sunday with Mass in Yankee Stadium which 3,000 Boston pilgrims will attend.

I hate to admit it, considering how many people would love to go, but I could have had gone. Our office was coordinating the pilgrimage and if I’d wanted to go, I could have. So why didn’t I?

For one thing, there’s no way we could bring the girls. The buses leave their starting points at 5:45am on Sunday and don’t get back until 11:30 that night. And I couldn’t leave Melanie to deal with the girls by herself all day while I jaunt off the New York. In addition, my niece has her confirmation Mass on Sunday and we want to be there for that.

And I’ve been to papal mega-Masses before in both Rome and Paris for World Youth Days. Let’s just say that they’re not exactly conducive to prayerful meditation and worship and now that I’ve done it, I don’t feel the need to do it again.

I don’t intend to toss cold water on anyone else’s enthusiasm. By all means, if you’ve never seen the Pope or been to a papal Mass, you should if you get the chance, whatever the size of the crowd.

But for me, at this time, it’s not something we decided to do.