Why all the talk about homosexuality

Why all the talk about homosexuality

Rod Dreher puts it exactly the way I would respond to certain critics of this blog.

Like I said the other day when certain readers groused about the attention this blog gives to homosexuality, it is one of the central issues of our time, and the response to it is cleaving the Christian churches. People who complain about the time conservatives spend on the issue wouldn’t complain if we were taking the Andrew Sullivan gay liberationist line. It’s that we don’t do so that they dislike. If we can’t say something nice and cheerful, we shouldn’t say anything at all.

The only tolerance and diversity that homosexual activists like is the kind that says that homosexuality is all sweetness and light and the most wonderful thing ever.

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  • It seems I could discuss any topic online, but the moment I bring up the importance of communicating that marriage has one definition I get a several responses. Being a heterosexual woman, I’m best at helping out other heteroseuxal women not people with same sex attraction. Sometimes I get responses days later, even when the commenter ignores the fact I’m on hiatus.

    I’ve been really thinking about how to respond, because I honestly sick of the subject I want to talk about strengthing marriage. Many are pleased I’m listening to them rather then just rattling off, but some are just rattling off themselves. So this will be my standard response.

    Honestly I don’t know from my frame of reference what it is like to have same-sex attraction, but the people of Courage do know. So if you have any concerns regarding same-sex attraction they have the answers that I can not offer.  I can’t tell you that homosexual behavior is ok, just as I can’t heterosexuals that much of their sexual behavior is just fine because they are consenting to the act. Two people doing something wrong, instead of one doesn’t make it right.  I can’t allow that; because that would be leading people into sin and I don’t want condemn people to sin.

    I don’t get “holier” by doing nothing and letting people sin because I fear that they will call me some uncharitable names such as being judgmental. The whole point for me to explain why an act or a behavior is wrong is not to condemn an individual, but the exact opposite so the person can stop condemning themselves. 

  • Dom,

    Don’t you complain that the Church spends too much time on the issue of homosexuality in two recent posts?


    So why is it okay for conservative bloggers to spend lots of time commenting on the issue, but the Church shouldn’t spend so much time on a group that constitues such a small proportion of the population?


  • For those who are tired of hearing about homosexuals, especially in the priesthood There is this from “The Rite of Sodomy”  Pages 933-934
      “As a whole, they were happy young boys from good Catholic families when they joined the Santa Barbara Boy’s Choir or arrived at St. Anthony’s Seminary.
      Unlike the perpetrators, the victims all experienced a crisis of conscience when the initial abuse occurred and for years after. They also experienced feelings of shock, repulsion, guilt followed by a sense of betrayal, anger, loss of trust, resentment of authority and genuine fear.

  • JW: My complaint, if you read those posts, is that they are spending their time producing documents that say the same thing that the Church has already said. Enough talk, now it’s time to put that stuff into action, especially by dealing with many diocesan ministries that openly flout the Church’s teachings.

  • My guess is that posts about homosexuality engender lots of dialogue because (a) there is still a great lack of knowledge about human sexuality, (b) societal views have changed greatly in recent years as regards the topic, (c) scripture and church teaching on the topic sometimes conflict with what little science there is on the topic and (d) many commentors present their personal opinions as fact (which serves only as a challenge to someone trying to have an intellectual dialogue).

  • Rick,
      You are right, societal views have changed greatly in recent years. But societal views really don’t count, it’s God’s view that counts. If it is intelligent dialogue you want, try debating with Him and see how far you get.

  • Rick but there is plenty of science on human sexuality. Just learn any form of Natural Family Planning where a women can learn when she has ovulated by just a few basic fertility signs the body produces. The natural production of estrogen at the peak of fertility is incredibly powerful in it’s design desire sexual relations at the point. Most of this information is suppressed by the pharmaceutical companies marketing the Pill.

  • George,

    You and I are in agreement as regard society’s views vis a vis God’s views as well as the futility of debating with God.  Did my comment suggest otherwise?