Why Slowness is killing the Apple Watch

Why Slowness is killing the Apple Watch

And why I still haven't jumped on the Apple Watch bandwagon. I just don't see that it provides enough benefit for its price. Yet.

I still think it eventually will.

  • I certainly would like to see it faster. Originally I had no intention of buying one. But strangely where I work 3 of my co-workers in my group got one early on along with my boss. So I witnessed first hand how they used theirs.

    But I have got more than my money’s worth since I got one in June.

    For one the activity tracker has meant that in the last nine months I can count on one hand when I did not work out. Getting those rings filled has been great motivation for me and keeping weight off. Having those up front rings helps me plan much better to ensure I don’t put off working out.

    Notifications are really the killer app in that you can quickly react and leave your phone in your pocket. Much less intrusive when working as long as you manage your notifications.

    What surprised me the most was how much I use it as a media controller. For example listening to podcasts via Overcast I can quickly jump commercials or uninteresting sections. Use this all the time. Can also control iTunes on my Mac to pause, skip, etc. Plus as a big music lover I really enjoy telling Siri via my watch to play something. Or to just see what is currently playing. Plus it is so easy to use Siri with the watch or record voice notes via “Just Press Record”.

    So these features are not really dependent on how fast the watch is. Still a faster processor would make third party apps much more useful to access.

    Mainly what I would like to see improved are the watch faces. I use Modular since it allows the most complications. But would love to use one of the photo background watch faces if they even had complications. Really I would like a watch face that allowed several complications. The watch face just makes a great status board for weather, activity, time/date, appointments.

    So I have been pretty much totally satisfied with what it does right now and look forward to what speed improvements and UI adjustments will do.

    • The media controller aspect would certainly be nice, especially Overcast. I assume it can control the AppleTV too. Not having to reach for the remote would be key. And I’ve seen from my co-workers how the notifications can be unobtrusive. Still, I’m determined to wit for the 2nd generation hardware because I assume (rationally or not) that it will be that much better. Especially given that it’s been out for a year now, I think we’re closer to new hardware than not.

  • I’ve loved mine, and like Jeff, never really expected to get one. Mine was a surprise birthday gift last November courtesy of my two oldest teenagers who now have jobs, who pitched in with my wife to surprise me.

    I love the activity monitor, and won’t repeat the same stuff Jeff said. But completing those rings every day is highly motivational and a huge factor in the most successful weight loss of my life. Period. I also use the workout app every day for my walks and love the quick glance versatility of seeing my pace/time/calories burned/heart rate, along with the way the watch “pings” me every time I complete another mile. It’s made running/walking workouts pretty much brainless, which has been great.

    I also use LoseIt on the Watch for quick glances of calories I have left to eat throughout the day, along with exact steps walked (sent from the iPhone).

    I don’t use the media controls that much, but I do love the quick glance of outside temperature as well as the display of my next calendar/to-do directly on the main screen of the watch.

    As a whole, I’m actually quite blown away by how quickly the watch became an integral part of my day. I sometimes feel like my phone becomes overly intrusive (constant notifications, etc.), but the watch gives me just what I need right when I need it.