Who’s your mommy?

Who’s your mommy?

Last night, as we were preparing Isabella for bed, Melanie was trying to get Bella to give her a kiss goodnight. Ever since Sophia was born, Bella’s bedtime ritual has been turned around. Instead of mommy doing the bedtime reading and rocking and tucking in after prayers, it’s daddy now. So mommy takes her leave from Bella at the end of prayers.

For some reason last night Bella was being recalcitrant with Melanie, ducking her head for a hug, instead of giving Melanie a kiss. Melanie kept coaxing her with “Give mommy a kiss, Isabella. Give her a kiss.”

In order to model the behavior she wanted, she said, “Look, daddy gives mommy a kiss.”

Then she turned to me, leaned in and said to me, “Give mommy a kiss.”

Um, yeah, that was a bit too weird for me.


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  • LOL. Our bedtime ritual is similar with James doing the bedtime reading and Felicity and I leaving after prayers. Cecilia isn’t consistent every night either, which I can handle provided she isn’t screaming or crying – I hate those nights of which, fortunately, there are few.

    The funny thing about Cecilia is she doesn’t like it when James and I hug, kiss or are even standing too close. I guess she doesn’t want to share yet. She will get between us and push us apart. It is quite funny and we have to laugh.

    But, yeah, it is still taking me time to get used to having James refer to himself as Daddy to me and me referring to myself as MomMom to him. I’m sure we will get used to it eventually.