Who cares if it’s a child?

Who cares if it’s a child?

A lot of effort in the pro-life movement has been expended on trying to convince people that the fetus is an unborn child, that he or she is human and thus worthy of life. Unfortunately, I think the time for that argument has passed us by. Why? Because many women acknowledge that the child is a child and it doesn’t matter.

Brent Bozell’s latest column talks about the culture’s promotion of sex for young women and girls. In that column, he talks about a recent issue of Glamourmagazine which has an article about a group of abortionists who encourage their “customers” to write valentines to babies they’ve killed.

Glamour finds it “poignant” that one woman wrote to her victim: “To my little angel, Please understand that you are better off in the hands of God than mine at this moment.” (This is hard to debate.) “I smile when I think of you, even if I cry. You have given me reason to be strong and wise and responsible. You will always be my baby. I will see you in heaven, sweetheart. Love you! Love always and unconditionally, your mommy.”

About a decade ago, it was only the hard-core ultra-pro-aborts who said, “So it’s a baby, who cares?” And we thought, “Only if mainstream pro-aborts knew about this attitude.” Look how far we’ve come.

It chills my heart to see a woman kill her child and then talk about seeing her in heaven. How is this any different from the women who, in an alleged fit of past-partum depression, drowned their children in the bathtub and then attempted suicide so they could be together in death? We see the latter as mental illness and an evil intent, but not the former?

The old arguments about the humanity of the child won’t work anymore. Who will formulate some new ones?

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  • at least with the post-partum depression cases, we recognize that there’s a profound pain and confusion mitigating the crime. With so many abortions, the sheer callousness of the act reveals the horrifying depth and pervasiveness of the ‘culture of death’.