Who are the smart ones?

Who are the smart ones?

Frequent Bettnet commenter Alice Slattery had a letter to the editor in the Boston Globe today about the conventional wisdom that says that the best way to help poor women is to help them abort their children.

  • Way to go Alice!  How many times have we heard of various famines or disasters in the 3d world were the very first planes to arrive in the stricken area are full of “emergency contraceptives!”  It’s as if these poor people were being told that, “Well nature and/or war hasn’t done a good enough job on you slobs. We are here to mop up your new babies.”

    BTW, did anyone notice the ads that Goggle stuck below Alice’s letter?  No agenda there!

  • I’m still trying to get the Globe to do an investigation into the numbers of minor boys who have tested positive for the HIV/AIDS infection at Mass. Dept. of Public Health clinics like the new clinic they have now in Framingham. The present Director of the HIV/AIDS Bureau,Kevin Cranston, was quoted in a Bay Windows article(7/10/03) as saying the rise in these numbers of youth becoming infected is because these boys are having sex with “older gay men with prevention fatigue”. When test results are positive, the MDPH personnel promise not to tell the child’s parents and do not report the possible incidence of statutory rape to any legal authority. There must be many leaders in Boston who are fully aware that this is going on but they are keeping it a big secret. Do you think the Globe will cover up this tragedy as well? I’ve been trying for 2 years to get them to
    do a report on this but to no avail!

  • I recognied Alice’s trademark eloquence and good sense and felt a ibt privileged that I had heard them here first.  Bravo, Alice!