When I grow up …

When I grow up …

An amusing article about a Boston College sophomore who wants to be a US Senator some day, who is conservative and pro-life despite her Catholic parents’ more liberal views and who thinks BC should be more Catholic.

I’m definitely pro-life. It’s hard to say what I would do in a situation like that, but I’d like to think that I’d make the decision that I stand up for. I just think that hindering the potential life of a human being is completely wrong. Being pro-life was so unpopular in high school, and it is in college, too. You’d think it’d be popular in a place like Boston College (a Catholic school), but it really isn’t. People would be like, “You’re such a fascist!”

You can definitely see a bit of the callowness of youth and some hubris, but nothing that life experience and growing maturity can’t cure.

I don’t know why it grabbed me, but I found it amusing.

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  • I should add that I don’t think I’ve ever run into Katherine nor do college nicknames like that one (which I found on facebook) actually mean anything (I don’t think my facebook account is a good depiction of me) but I find the nickname had to reconcile with the article…

  • I was curious whether you might know her. It reminds me of the recent article warning college students that potential employers are using Facebook to do research on newly graduated applicants.

  • I don’t think I know her through the pro-life club or through the Observer (the conservative paper) or through St. Thomas More (the orthodox Catholic group).  And I was thinking about it, Facebook is awful.  That is why I have it so only those listed as friends can see my page.

  • Renee, the majority of students I know at Boston College are personally opposed but would not impose their beliefs on others, most likely because they are personally opposed because most people see it as wrong and not because they actually think it is murder. 

    Also, I hope you realize that many practising Catholic teens do stick up for life.  The BC Pro-Life Club president Christine is one of the most hard-working pro-lifers I know.  She is amazing, and she isn’t alone.  As His Eminence Cardinal Keeler (I think it was him) said while giving the homily this year on the eve of the March for Life, there are many teens each there, and that is why he has so much hope.

  • Interestingly enough, Facebook says we share 9 (7 real people) friends and that this coming fall we will be neighbors.