What’s he gots in his pocketses?

What’s he gots in his pocketses?

This photo group on Flickr.com documents what people are carrying on them. The definition of “carry” seems to vary from “in pockets” to “in pockets and in my backpack.”

Many of the photos have a seemingly mundane sameness: wallet, keys, phone. Others have a variety of eclectic and exotic items.

But perhaps its the variety in the mundaneness that makes it so interesting. What kind of phone? What and how many keys? What kind of car is that you’re driving? That wallet looks like it could tell a story or two. There’s a high-tech company ID badge.

And maybe this is a self-selecting group of high-tech nerds, but a surprising amount (at least to me) carry thumb drives in their pockets.

So what have I got in my pockets? No, not the One Ring. But I do carry my old Motorola V551 cellphone, my keys, my wallet, and Melanie’s 4GB iPod mini that I gave her for her birthday two years ago. My iPod’s battery is dying and she doesn’t use hers at all anymore. Plus her mini has better management functions for podcasts and audiobooks than my third-generation iPod. Which is neither here nor there I guess.

I used to carry a rosary, but it would always get tangled in my keys or fall out when I pulled something else out of my pocket. So now it’s either on my desk or in the car.

So what do you have in your pockets?

Link via John Gruber.