What they could not win at Lepanto…

What they could not win at Lepanto…

“The Islamification of Europe’s Cathedrals”

The recuperation of places and buildings that were once mosques or sacred Islamic sites is the primary method employed by Muslims to reconquer Al-Ándalus. So-called moderate Muslims are oftentimes more effective than extremists in gaining concessions because of their attempts to portray Western democracies as intolerant if those countries don’t cede to certain demands. This technique has been used repeatedly in the case of the Córdoba Cathedral.

Spanish Muslims have for years been petitioning for the right to celebrate Friday prayer in the cathedral. Up until now these requests have been denied, which is a good thing according to Spanish politician Gustavo de Arístegui, the nation’s foremost expert on Islamic terrorism. Arístegui explains that if this request were to be granted, it would set a dangerous precedent. Similar demands would follow in ancient mosques throughout the Iberian Peninsula. Far from satisfying Muslims, initial concessions would only serve to inspire Islamic extremists and their potential recruits.

Already plans are underway by Spanish Muslims to construct what is being conceived as a ‘European Mecca’ in Córdoba, which was the capital of Al-Ándalus. According to the Spanish newspaper ABC, a new mosque funded by Saudi Arabia would be the second largest in the world. While Córdoba’s city council has twice denied the request to build such a mosque in a city with 1,000 Muslims, the Andalusian city of Seville has granted permission for a new mosque to be built on council land near the Los Bermejales district. But local residents, aware that 100 mosques already exist in Andalusia, have obtained a court order court order halting construction of the mosque.

It’s not just Spain either, although they seem to be most wary since they recall their own history of centuries under Moorish rule. The article also cites the example of Belgium where churches have become homeless shelters for Muslim illegal immigrants who proceed to put up Islamic religious items while demanding that Catholic images be covered or removed.

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Written by
Domenico Bettinelli