What I’ve been working on

What I’ve been working on

I know I’ve been scarce the past couple of days. Besides working my two jobs, I’ve also been setting up a web site for Melanie at TheWineDarkSea.com (that’s a Homeric reference, in case you didn’t recognize it). She will be using it to teach her three college classes this spring and I think it’s pretty darn spiffy. Kind of like my blog, it has a page for each class, all the handouts online, a discussion forum, and a lot of other cool tools. I humbly aver that it’s better than many college class sites I’ve seen.

It’s about up-and-running now, in time for classes to start today, and apart from working out the bugs, I think I’m pretty much done with it, so you can expect a return to regular ranting and raving from me.

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