We need more, not fewer, of these pastors

We need more, not fewer, of these pastors

Dissent from Church teaching from the pulpit, march in favor of gay rights, play fast and loose with the liturgy and the local ordinary will pat you on the back during his usual visitations and allow you to go on your merry way. But actually stand up for accountability and teaching the faith in your parish and you can lose your pastorship.

  • I met Fr. Charles Murr once after a talk he sponsored in St. Francis de Sales Church given by Fr. Joseph Wilson (of CruxNews.com).  He struck me as a holy man and a good pastor.

    Cardinal Egan’s order to reinstate the status quo doesn’t surprise me.  As Egan caved to pressure, I bet he expected Murr to cave as well, and life would go on.

    This should be all over the New York media in a few hours.

    Let’s see when the spotlight is turned on, if the Cardinal will do the right thing.