We know what we want it to say

We know what we want it to say

Commenter Rich brings my attention to this op-ed by a VOTF member in the Cincinnati Enquirer yesterday, especially this fine quote:

The generation raised after Vatican II are now the adults in our parishes. Some of them haven’t read all the documents, but they have been paying attention to the essence of the council; they know what they’re looking for in the church.

  • Solanus,

    I had a feeling that was the case. They are taking advantage of the report’s release for a media blitz across the country to advance their agenda and try to show that they’re still “in the game.”

  • Dom:

    This Saturday, I will be attending a VOTF meeting here in St. Louis (if my pre-registration is approved?) featuring Fr. Donald Cozzens as the keynote speaker.

    I ask all to pray for those who are sponsoring this grab for power and destruction of the Church so that their minds might see what they are doing and also to pray for those who unknowingly might be misled by these people.

    And if it is possible, I would like to ask for prayers for me so that I might charitably share the Truth with all whom I come in contact with.

  • The most essential parts of the Vatican II documents are incorporated into the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

    Unfortunately, some of the quotes are freestanding without context and with the flowery Vaticanese making their plain meaning obscure.  It doesn’t help that the documents equivocate on many points even on basic things like defining the Church.