War on the Boy Scouts

War on the Boy Scouts

(The first of four blog entries that originally appeared on Beliefnet when I was guest-blogging for Charlotte Hays.)

Last week, the Pentagon agreed not to sponsor Boy Scout troops on military bases after the ACLU sued the government. The ACLU’s suit ridiculously claimed that “the government not be administering religious oaths or discriminating based on religious beliefs.” This is stretching believability.

For one thing, the oath involved here is not an oath of loyalty to government, but an oath provided by the Boy Scouts organization. And for another thing, the Boy Scout Oath only mentions God once and not in a way tied to a specific religion. But then, the ACLU and its liberal anti-religion allies have successfully lobbied the courts over the years to declare that antipathy toward religion is a religion and that the First Amendment requires an absence of religion in the public square.