Walk for Walter

Walk for Walter

An email went out yesterday, from Boston College again, announcing that this Sunday a group of protesters will hold a “Walk for Walter” (i.e. Fr. Walter Cuenin) to protest his resignation from his parish. (Download the the flyer in PDF format.) The email, which has a signature bar from Janet Kalunian, Associate Director, Academic Operations, Center for International Partnerships and Programs, Boston College, says in part:

Sunday afternoon there will be a protest march. We will leave at 1:30 PM for the front gate of the Church, 573 Washington Street, Newton. We will march down to Newton Corner, across the Pike, up Tremont through Oak Square, onto Washington again and up Lake St. to the Chancery on Comm. Ave. That is just under 3 miles, but we are welcoming people who only want to walk part way to join us along the route, especially at Our Lady of the Presentation in Brighton, where there are places to park. People should also feel free to join us at the Chancery. We will have a few speakers at about 3 PM in front of the Chancery. We ask that everyone WEAR RED, and bring signs that might read: Investigate, Exonerate, Reinstate, or anything else you would like to express.

I hope to see you all there, and I hope we will be joined by many from across the Archdiocese.

If we allow Walter to be added to the hierarchy’s list of victims, they will certainly continue their purge, just as the child abuse continued because there was no public outcry.

I guess since while they’re walking to protest the resignation of a priest who admitted to taking money that wasn’t his and who has agreed to make restitution, a whole lot more Catholics will be walking in the annual Walk for Life. Too bad we can’t count on their support for the unborn.

Notice that they continue to refuse to face the facts: Cuenin resigned voluntarily, he admitted to taking the money, and by agreeing to make restitution he agreed that it wasn’t his to take. But like the defenders of Bill Clinton, it doesn’t matter. For Clinton, his perjury didn’t matter because having a like-minded ideologue in the White House was more important. Similarly, Cuenin’s misdeed doesn’t matter because it’s more important to have a like-minded dissenter in the pulpit.

Liberals never change.

  • Maybe they can do some genuine civic good during the walk and pick up litter along the way.  I do such when I take a walk.

  • “Associate Director, Academic Operations, Center for International Partnerships and Programs, Boston College”   Reason #9,389,092 why not to send your Catholic child to BC.

    They’re marching to the chancery in Brighton? Last I heard, Bishop Sean moved uptown to the Cathedral Rectory…that’s quite a haul.

  • Dear Dom,

    Perhaps you could go there and wear green with a sign that says “INVESTIGATE!”  Ironically, is that not what the archdiocese has done?