Wacko conspiracy theories across the pond

Wacko conspiracy theories across the pond

You have to wonder what this guy is smoking. A member of Britain’s Conservative Party thinks that the European Union is a Catholic plot to impose Catholicism on Protestant Britain. Riiight. Because the EU is so friendly to Christianity that they refused to include any mention of the unique role of Christianity in the history and heritage of Europe. Sure.

Mr Hilton outlined his view that European integration would lead to a “Catholic Caesar presiding over the [British] Protestant monarch” in an article, headlined Render unto the Pope, published in the Spectator in August 2003. “The issue of European religious union is one that has been concealed even deeper than the plans for political union, but the ratchet towards a Catholic Europe is just as real,” the article claims. “A Catholic EU will inevitably result in the subjugation of Britain’s Protestant ethos to Roman Catholic social, political and religious teaching.”

If only it were true.