VOTF welcomed in Brooklyn

VOTF welcomed in Brooklyn

Bishop Thomas Daily of Brooklyn has reversed his ban and will now allow Voice of the Faithful to meet on Church property in his diocese. So sad.

This was the whole bit that was in today’s New York Times

BROOKLYN: CHURCH REVERSES BAN ON LAY GROUP Bishop Thomas V. Daily, the head of the Diocese of Brooklyn, reversed a ban yesterday on Voice of the Faithful, the lay organization formed in response to the priest sexual abuse scandals, church officials said. Voice of the Fathful groups will now be allowed to meet on church property, the diocese said. For six months, while the ban was in force, Voice of the Faithful groups in the diocese, which includes Queens, met in a college meeting room, a Baptist church and an American Legion Hall. “We are eager to get back into our parishes,” said Melissa Gradel, the group’s regional coordinator.

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  • Why not make sure that the Knights have a voice equal to their numbers? Why allow VOTF to take center stage. They are not more important or representaive than any other group.