VOTF protect born children, not unborn

VOTF protect born children, not unborn

Voice of the Faithful is having Mass on Boston Common on Sunday, August 15. Why? The flyer reveals it all: to protest parish closings. VOTF is desparately seeking a way to remain relevant and this is how they hope to do so, by recruiting all the disaffected parishioners of closing churches into their ranks, to oppose the legitimate and lawful decisions of the archbishop. It will be interesting to see how many (few?) people show up.

Meanwhile, in a recent email (that I’ve just gotten around to reading), VOTF’s executive director Steve Krueger related his experiences at the bishops’ conference’s meeting in Denver. On the one hand, he complains that no bishop has been “held accountable” for transferring molester priests around, but on the other hand, he criticizes the bishops for holding accountable pro-abortion Catholic politicians:

Every time we receive communion we profess, . They advocate leniency for politicians who make it possible for unborn children to be murdered, but want harsh measures for bishops who make it possible for born children to be molested.

  • I agree with Krueger that the church is in need of healing.  However, the “disease” that must be cured is the idea that we can do whatever we please and remain in communion with the Roman Catholic Church.  Each Sunday we proclaim that we “believe in one holy, apostolic church.” 

    Some folks should be thankful that God is forgiving or their tongues might catch fire or something when they receive the Body of Christ.

    The first step to healing is unity.  That’s what the Holy Father and the Bishops are trying to achieve.


  • You can set a clock by it—every time someone in the episcopate speaks out against something near and dear to their hearts—“choice,” homosexual “marriage”—some ranking VOTFer functionary goes into prissy schoolmarm mode and starts lecturing about “divisiveness” and “the need for healing.”

    Translation:  “Shut up—we like this stuff.”