VOTF brings up celibacy question

VOTF brings up celibacy question

Voice of the Faithful is splitting hairs by saying that it’s demand to reconsider celibacy among Latin-rite priests is not a matter of doctrine, but of discipline, and therefore it’s okay. What it is is a red herring.

The Voice of the Faithful is considering requesting an official review of mandatory celibacy among priests, according to Svea Fraser, one of the movement’s original founders, at Monday’s Parkway Voice meeting.

“There is this bubbling sense of need to talk about this,” said Fraser. “If we get at some of the issues that create a culture of secrecy, maybe we can protect our children better.”

[...] As part of our mantra, we don’t take on doctrinal issues. Celibacy is a discipline issue,” said Fraser.

“We’re not necessarily taking it on,” she added, stressing that a critical reason for approaching the issue is to show the group’s support for clergy and forge a stronger relationship between the two.

“This is a test case. We’ve never done this in our movement before,” said Fraser. “I still don’t know if we should be doing this.”

Blaming celibacy

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