Vatican not opposed to removal of Saddam

Vatican not opposed to removal of Saddam

Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran said today that while the Vatican opposed the means of the Iraq war, it did not oppose the ends: removing Saddam. Instead they would have preferred weapons inspections to continue, something which I can’t understand. What do they think would have resulted from that? It certainly wouldn’t have removed Saddam Hussein from power, the end result they now say they favored.

Cardinal Tauran also said, “The Holy See is not pacifist. It is a peacemaker.” That’s true. The Church is not opposed to all war, categorically. Some wars are just. But peace is to be preferred when peaceful acts can accomplish the same goals. I agree with that. But I do think that in this case, peaceful means being proposed were not going to be effective.

Both sides agreed that war should have been the last resort. It seems that it boils down the question of whether we had reached the moment of last resort.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli