Vaccines and aborted fetal tissue

Vaccines and aborted fetal tissue

Jen F. at “Et tu?” did the hard detective work and tracked down all the background and data concerning vaccines that use tissue from aborted children. (This is a followup to my earlier post.)

  • Perhaps the pediatricians are now mentioning to parents, as they prepare for the mandatory Varivax, that it is not a one-time shot… I learned to my horror that not only can kids still get chicken pox (and there’s still lots of it around), but that those who have had the shot will need boosters every ten years for the rest of their lives.  I am wishing I had resisted!  Chicken pox is so rarely a danger early in life—it’s only later on (beginning in adolescence) that it causes major difficulties.  Three of mine had it (one at six months), but the other two I eventually caved on and had vaccinated.  And I didn’t like it, even before knowing the source.

  • This breaks my heart.  I’m leading the most solid Catholic life that I can, considering that my wife is a “Catholic” who uses the Pill, doesn’t attend Church, sees no need for Confession, wants no more than two kids, sees nothing wrong with letting my kids watch “Dancing with the Stars” (my daughter is 4), etc., etc.  With so many battles that I need to fight with her, the vaccines seems one that isn’t worth it, or at least is way down on the list.  I brought it up and she laughed at me and said there is “no way” she is asking for an alternative and that the kids need the vaccines to get into school.  This post makes her sound purposely evil, but she isn’t.  She is just a woman who was given bad example her entire life and now needs the Holy Spirit to touch her as He touched me many years ago.  My prayer is that Jesus will forgive me (and my wife) for these lousy decisions and give us the grace to carry out His will.  Please pray for us.

  • Dom, Melanie and friends,

    The use of fetal tissue in vaccines is certainly disturbing – even thought that word doesn’t come close to what is is, just outright evil.

    But another consideration all of us should make is the presvative Thirmisol (sp?) used in vaccines. It is mercury, which we all know is toxic. I was shocked to learn the .01% used in vaccines is more toxic to our bodies than toxic waste. Mercury in vaccines has been tied to the increase in autism, ADD, infertility and many other illnesses.

    Go to YouTube and search for the video “Mercury, Autism, and the Global Agenda” and you will be informed before you get these shots for yourself or your kids. If I had it to do all over again, I would have passed on vaccinating my kids. Thank God we suffered none of the horrific side effects that many have.