Update on my brother

Update on my brother

First, thank you for all your prayers. We all appreciate them and will continue to appreciate them. As you may know, the first 24 hours are crucial.

Here’s what happened. Last night, he had some heartburn, which he thought was some sunflower seeds he’d had, but the feeling went away. Around 3 am, he woke with more pain, again just in the chest, not in the extremities like they warn you about.

He remembered thinking and praying that God would not take him now for the sake of Patti and the kids. The pain faded again and he rolled over and went back to sleep. He got up this morning and did the usual errands—took the kids to school, filled up the gas tank, stopped at the store. He got home and soon came in to the house and told Patti he needed to go to the hospital in Norwood, the next town over.

She wanted to call an ambulance, but like most of us guys, he was afraid of making a big deal over what could be nothing so he said no. Instead, Patti’s mom, who is a nurse, drove him. As they were leaving the pain was getting worse. She asked him if he wanted to go right to the fire station in Canton, where they live, but he said no. As they got into Norwood, they were sitting at a light in front of the fire station and the pain was starting to shoot up his neck and he was having cold sweats. She asked again if he wanted her to pull into the fire station. They were only about a half mile from the hospital, so he said no.

But as soon as the light changed and she started to roll forward, he changed his mind. She pulled in and started honking her horn and the firemen all came running out. At that point he collapsed and doesn’t really remember much until he came out of surgery.

He’s still in ICU. We got to visit him for a few minutes, but they were doing tests so we had to leave. Right now I’m back at their house with all the kids and friends who are over. Everybody’s in good spirits, but there is tension. The little kids know something’s up, but they just know that daddy’s sick.

Anyway, thanks for all your prayers.

  • Hey Dom,

    Talked to Patti awhile ago and I just offered my Rosary for John and his recovery.  Will keep praying!


  • Hi, Dom:

    Thank God they were near the fire station! Hope your brother is okay – will definitely keep you all in my prayers.

    Best –

  • St. John of God is the patron of heart patients. Imagine that..he and your brother have the same blessed name. wink

    O glorious Saint John of God! Full of compassion and tenderness for the afflicted! Thou, who as a reward for thy charity, didst merit to minister to Jesus Christ under the appearance of a pilgrim: please obtain for John, healing and great graces to offer his illness for poor sinners and for the comfort of his family.

    St. John, Man of Mercy, vowed to all kinds of good works, Pray for John

    St. John, consoler of the afflicted, Pray for John

    St. John, physician for all complaints, Pray for John

    St. John, joy of the sick, Pray for John

    St. John, model of patience, Pray for John

    St. John, who didst merit the special assistance of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and of St. John the Evangelist, Pray for John and assist him as John the Evangelist assisted you.

    St. John, whom the Archangel Raphael often visited and helped, Pray for John

    St. John, who didst expire on thy knees holding the crucifix, Pray for us all!

  • May the Lord heal your brother and grant all of you peace and courage during these hard times.  I have gone that route a few years ago.  Somewhere, in the midst of it all, a great peace comes over one.

  • Dom,

    My wife Elene and I found out about it yesterday, and we are praying for John, Patti, the kids, you, and the rest of your family.  Thanks be to God that he made it to the hospital and that both his wife and mother-in-law urged him to go. 

    One aside which John’s story brought up for me: I know you’re getting married soon, and I myself am only married for a couple years, but this is part of the wonderful grace of the sacrament of marriage.  God gives us our helpmates (our wives) and we become their helpmates.  I know I married up when I married Elene, and I suspect you will feel the same about your future wife.

    May God bless John and all of you in this trying time!

    Sam and Elene (Iliopoulos) Doucette
    Ashland, MA

    PS: Elene is a long-time friend of the family from the Lord’s Day prayer group in Norwood and Canton.

  • Just saw the news about you brother, Dom.  I will pay for him and his loved ones.