On our first day in Austin, my father-in-law walked with Isabella to a local school’s playground. This isn’t just around the corner, but is several blocks away, a right turn, a left turn, a right turn, a left, and so on.

On our second day in town, my father-in-law stepped outside for something and Isabella bolted out the door. As he caught up with her by the sidewalk, she was saying “Slide, slide.” So he forgot his task and took her to the playground. She led him the entire way, knowing exactly where she was going.

Isabella has an uncanny sense of direction for a 19-month-old and has had it for some time. Even at home, she quickly acclimated to her new neighborhood last summer, knowing exactly how to get to the nearby parish church and the school playground.

I’d like to say she’s inherited it from me as I have a pretty good sense of direction. I don’t think it comes from mommy. Let’s just say she doesn’t have such an photographic memory for directions.