Two priests take leave of absence

Two priests take leave of absence

The Boston Herald reports that two Boston priests are taking a leave of absence from ministry. Father Joseph Keil, who was co-pastor of Our Lady Help of Christians parish in Newton, is the third pastor to resign from the parish in 10 months. Fr. Walter Cuenin resigned last October after allegations of financial misconduct and Fr. Christopher Coyne, his replacement, left in April after it became clear that Cuenin’s supporters would never accept him as replacement.

The article also briefly mentions that Fr. Christopher Kirwan, who teaches at St. John’s Seminary, is the other priest.

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  • I think calling them “stars of the conservative movement” is overstating things quite a bit.

    Also, I removed a comment posted on this thread earlier because it contained an ad hominem attack on one of the other commenters. I will remind everyone that such behavior is forbidden and I will delete comments if I deem them to have gone over the line.

    I do this at my discretion.

  • MaryJane, why I doubted that this was the same issue was because of what I know of Fr. Kirwan.  He and I share mutual friends and this came to quite the surprise for him, and so he thought maybe there was another explanation.

    Mariana, thank you for the touching prayer.  I think you have your heart and mind in the right place.

  • Here’s a silly question for all you learned types:

    With the existence of a permanent diaconate, can a priest who decides to leave the priesthood step directly into the diaconate?  Or is the case that if you enter the diaconate single, you make a promise to stay that way?

  • My question, poorly asked, specifically concerns those who want to marry.  They’ve had all the training deacons get, haven’t they?

  • I’m fairly certain that having attained the fuller expression of holy orders, one could not simply be a deacon. Yes, there have been bishops who retired from their dioceses and became parish priests, but they were still bishops in the fullness of the sacrament.

    A priest who took the role of a deacon would still be a priest. He would still be called Father. While it’s technically possible for him to fulfill the role, I doubt the Church would go for it since it would create a confusion among the faithful not just about the priesthood, but also about the diaconate.