Two degrees of Merle Haggard

Two degrees of Merle Haggard

haggard3 Okay this is pretty cool. Melanie’s brother Tim is a college student studying art in Austin. He’s really good at what he does and has received several commissions already. Melanie just got an email from him that he was commissioned to paint a mural for Merle Haggard for his new video of the song “America First.” (You can see the video at that link.)

I’ve put his photos up on my .Mac web page. He painted the mural of the USA, while another guy painted the words around it. They were given one night to come up with the concept and then paint it. They said, here are the lyrics, pick a room, see you in the morning.

Tim also painted a portrait of Haggard that will be taken on tour with him and then be put in his studio afterward.

The video was filmed in an abandoned section of a Texas state hospital that was built in 1857. They said they are going to keep it there permanently as part of the historical site. Very cool.

(N.B. I don’t necessarily agree with the sentiment expressed in the lyrics of the song itself, but this is still cool.)

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