Tracking comments on other blogs

Tracking comments on other blogs

One of the reasons I like the software that runs my blog is that it provides email notifications to participants in comment threads whenever someone adds a new comment, or you can subscribe to a thread even if you haven’t participated. Most other blogging systems don’t do that, and you have to remember what posts you’ve commented on in any blog to keep checking back.

Now someone’s come up with a system that’s supposed to work for any blog and you don’t have to wait for the blog owner to implement it. coComment allows you to subscribe to any blog comment thread with the click of a bookmark in your browser. Then you can either go to one place—a page on their site—to follow all your conversations or you can even have them automatically updated in your RSS reader. It even lets you post your comments on other blogs onto your own.

I’m not sure how well it work in every situation, but it claims compatibility with WordPress and Blogger, which covers about 80-90 percent of the blogs I read, and even Flickr. So if you read blogs other than mine, this could be a handy tool. And if you own a blog, you might want to provide a link to CoComment for the sake of your readers.

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