To my legislators

To my legislators

I’ve sent the following letter to my state legislators, Rep. John Keenan and Sen. Fred Berry, both of whom voted in favor of adjournment of the Constitutional Convention and effectively killing the ballot question on the marriage amendment without taking an up-or-down vote.

I am dismayed and disgusted by the cowardice displayed by you and your colleagues in the Legislature. As a Salem resident and voter, I expect you to do your constitutional duty and be accountable to your constituents. By voting to adjourn the constitutional convention once again, virtually killing the ballot question on the marriage amendment, you have shown contempt for both.

You ran unopposed in Tuesday’s election and then showed cowardice by failing to allow a stand-up, Yes or No vote on putting the referendum on the ballot. What angers me is not so much your opposition to letting the citizens vote on the question as your failure to be principled enough even to take a stand.

In the future, I will ensure that you no longer run unopposed, whatever it takes. The citizens have just learned what kind of disregard an unaccountable incumbent has for them.

If you’re from Massachusetts, why don’t see how your legislator voted on adjournment and send a nice note to your State Representative or State Senator? I’m sure they’d love to hear from you.

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  • Now you are talking, Dom!!!

    Does anyone know the procedure to recall an elected official of the State?  Recall:  As in pull from office.

  • Fr. Peter:  Perhaps a check to help pay off their campaign debt would be better. 

    My pro-life/pro-marriage friend is out $10K personally.