Narcissus in the gay movement

Narcissus in the gay movement

From the way pro-gay marriage activists were carrying on yesterday, you’d have thought they lost. What the Massachusetts Legislature did was create gay marriage in all but name, keeping it from being portable across state lines. That’s it. In other words, Massachusetts is screwed, but the rest of you are safe ... for now.

I got to thinking about why many gay activists are so emotionally invested in this. There were sobbing and weeping galore when they were told they weren’t going to get full-on marriage. Some of them complain that their love won’t be validated by the state. Sorry folks, but that’s not the state’s job. The state isn’t here to validate your love. But isn’t that part of the whole liberal, nanny-state mindset? They’re going to get every legal benefit of marriage, but what they’re not getting, in their minds, is acceptance. They just want all of us to tell them we love them in their gayness.

If you recall what Cardinal Ratzinger once saidk> Mon, 29 Mar 2004 11:12:43 -0600

I will never get this. A group of orthodox and faithful Catholic parents appeal to their bishop for relief against insidious heterodoxy and do it with charity and truth. The Archbishop responds with vitriol and anger and suspicion and orders them to be quiet. And the Archbishop’s spokesman adds to the dismissiveness toward those who want to defend the faith.

“This has been an ongoing, orchestrated campaign for a long time on a number of issues,” he said. “At some point there is an issue of deference to the archbishop. [Colleen Perfect] does not run the archdiocese. He does.”

  • Talking about Touching continues in parish schools with parents having opt-out rights. Last November the archdiocese was supposed to start a review of it, led by Bishop Malone, but now he’s in Portland, Maine, and it’s in limbo.

    I’ve been getting disturbing information about it, too, linking some of the principals involved with bringing the program to Boston with the mess that happened in the Bridgewater Institute for Sexually Dangerous (or whatever they’re calling it these days), involving the priest and the inmate who went on to kill a guy on Cape Cod. And then NAMBLA makes an appearance, too, surprise, surprise.

    I want to run down this information, but if it pans out, this gets more disturbing by the day.

  • Can I shed some light on this?

    I get the emails from Colleen Perfect and to me they sound rather emotional and unpeaceful, even vitriolic, so I sent this particular email to my sister who lives in the Twin Cities and asked her about CPO.

    She and a friend have been involved with CPO but more so this friend has.  His response was that there are two sides to this.  I’m not sure if I can put here what his email said, so I will summarize:
    1) Both seek the good, ArchBishop wants to bring in dissidents so that none will be lost.  After all, isn’t this part of his responsibility-to go after the lost sheep?

    2) His plan is to start with the seminaries, then the Universities and then the parishes. A little history: One of their Bishops rejected Humanae Vitae and left to get married.  This has seriously impacted the Archdiocese.  However, the Theology of the Body is quite big there as well. Several groups meet to study it.

    3) In this man’s estimation, CPO wants to be Bishop. Instead of informing him they often deman HOW he is to make the changes. This is not their role: this is the role and responsibility of the Archbishop.  He may not be doing it as they like or in the time that they like, but he is getting things done.

    Let’s not forget the excellent priests who have been hand picked to serve at the Cathedral and who serve in the Archdiocese. Many excellent things are happening in that ArchDiocese and God’s work is being accomplished.

    Lastly, please be careful of judging before the whole story is known. This Liberal=unholy Conservative=Righteous is dangerous and prideful.  Do we have the right to excellent liturgy and Catholic Teaching? Absolutely. But we do not get to diminish others in our effort to gain every ounce of the fullness of Truth.

  • Okay, Margo, it sounds like a lot’s going on and I won’t dispute the facts with you because I don’t know them and you sound like you do.

    But let me provide a little background that may shed light on why some people react the way they do.

    For years we’ve had putatively orthodox bishops (like Cardinal Law, for example), who we were told time and again were doing things behind the scenes to fix whatever problems there are in the diocese. When we ask for evidence, we are shown small changes and then told to have patience. Meanwhile, heresy is still preached from pulpits, any priest who comes out of the seminary remaining orthodox does so in spite of the teaching there, the Catholic colleges remain cesspools of heresy, and so on. Yet those who want the bishop to stand up for the faith, to actually lead the faithful in the truth, are told to be quiet, sit down, and stop trying to run the diocese.

    So you can understand why some people might be frustrated and see a pattern in Minneapolis that seems to replicate what they have seen elsewhere (which as you say may or may not be fair to Archbishop Flynn.)

    If change is on the way in Minneapolis, great! I know at least one of the great priests who has been in the archdiocese for the last 7 years or so and I hope he’s just one of a new generation. I just hope that what’s happening is authentic renewal and not more shuffling of the deck chairs.