This may explain some things

This may explain some things

A graph in the well-regard magazine Economist gives statistics on countries with the “most male populations”, as in the most males per 100 females. Here’s the top 10:

  1. United Arab Emirates:  214
  2. Qatar:  206
  3. Kuwait:  150
  4. Bahrain:  132
  5. Oman:  128
  6. Saudi Arabia:  117
  7. Greenland:  113
  8. Jordan:  108
  9. Afghanistan:  107

What do 9 of these 10 countries have in common? And what effect would such an imbalance have upon the society? How would the society get that way, especially if abortion is not legal?

Just some thoughts on this particularly appropriate day.

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  • Above are several interesting observations that help explain the misleading, overly-male ratio.  However, folks, please address the implications of these facts.  When there are “too many men to go around”—i.e., vast numbers with no chance of finding female company—what kinds of things happen? 

    Two things may be a resorting to sodomy or bestiality (though these would be counterbalanced by a fear of execution by the Islamofascisti).  Another thing may be a great tension that looks for an outlet—e.g., in military service in huge armies or in terroristic gangs. 

    It’s a shame that these millions of lonely men have no Catholic churches to which to turn for spiritual growth/guidance and sacramental nourishment.

    Any other ideas on the effects of having a too-male population?

  • Read the famous “Men and Marriage” for an excellent analysis of what having too few women in a society does to the society.

  • Just to expand on the military aspect, remember that in the past such warriors from a sex-imbalanced society would want to go to war so that they might win women as wives or slaves.  I doubt such motives are irrelevant even today, and could explain some of the militancy.