They’re just so sorry

They’re just so sorry

Yesterday, I posted a link to a booklet handed out at an event at the Brookline, Mass., public high school with graphic information about homosexual activity and even information about gay bars and clubs. Kids as young as middle school were at this event.

At first, the organizers of this taxpayer-funded pro-gay conference denied the book was made available to students, but now one of the exhibitors admits it did give out the booklet in the following excerpt from a press release:

Fenway Community Health expressed regret for accidentally making available HIV prevention materials designed for people over 18 years of age at an April 30 conference attended by middle school and high school-age students, educators, public health workers, college students and others.

“Fenway Community Health regrets accidentally making available a small number of copies of the Little Black Book, an HIV prevention publication for gay and bisexual men over the age of 18, at an event where young people were present,” said Dr. Stephen Boswell, Fenway Community Health’s President & CEO.  “Distributing materials with adult prevention messages at events attended by youth is not Fenway policy.  The outreach worker staffing Fenway’s table that day has been instructed in the correct use of educational materials and all of our outreach workers will receive additional training to ensure that a similar incident does not occur in the future.”

That it was unintended does not mitigate the outrage we should feel. That such events take place at all in school are an affront to childhood innocence and parental authority. In the previous thread, Alice Slattery gave some information on how materials and events such as these are used as means of indoctrination of young men into the homosexual lifestyle. It betrays the mindset of those who work in these groups concerning sexuality and children and society at large. Remember that the regrets only came after public outcry and inquiries by the media. Stuff like this happens under the radar every day.

  • The thing to keep in mind, Dom, is that this kind of stuff is not unusual for GLSEN. A GLSEN Boston leader said in an e-mail passed on to a colleague of mine that this material was not at the conference, and that the Article 8 people were a bunch of homophobic liars. Well, it wasn’t true at all. That does not mean that GLSEN knew this material was there, but it was plausible to believe it, given the kind of garbage GLSEN has put out there at this conference in the past.

    The thing for people to do is to document this stuff as much as you can. People don’t want to know it’s going on, and you cannot count on the media to report on it fairly, if at all, because it gives aid and comfort to Right-Wing Troglodytic Christians.

    I certainly hope someone is sending all of this to Howie Carr. I’m forwarding it to my pal Jeff Jacoby.

  • “Gee, we put theise nice helpful perverts in a crowd of youngsters and these strange things just keep happening!  We just don’t understand it…  Well, sorry…again.”

  • They regret getting caught recruiting fresh fish, they mean.  That’s the only “similar incident” that mustn’t occur in the future.

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    Oops, we accidentally distributed porn to kids!  Sorry, parents.  Stuff happens, y’know? 

    What happened to that cable operator who a few years ago put Playboy on the Disney Channel for a few minutes? 

    In any event, taking them at their word, why would a publication for gay men in their 20’s advertise that “we have…lots of services for queer youth”?

    Why would it advertise that the Sidney Borum Health Center is a “great health center for queer youth”?

    Why would it advertise that a certain gay bar is “for young guys and those who like young guys”?

    Unless the brochure was touting the availability of “queer youth” to older gay men?