They’d be safer at Gitmo

They’d be safer at Gitmo

A left-wing, anti-Bush photographer made an art exhibit using crying kids to illustrate her own angst over Bush’s policies. But these weren’t candid shots of kids who were already crying. No, Jill Greenberg made the kids cry by giving them treats and taking them away, stripping off their clothes, or sending parents out of the room. The exhibit is called “End Times.” In an interview, she defends her tactics.

Your images have certainly caused an uproar. What do you say to people who call you a child abuser?

I think they’re insane…Maybe getting kids to cry isn’t the nicest thing to do, but I’m not causing anyone permanent psychological damage.

So the definition of abuse is it causes permanent damage. And who’s to say this isn’t permanent psychological damage?

Can you imagine the uproar if US soldiers used these tactics on terrorists at Gitmo? Giving them treats and taking them away, stripping off their clothes, isolating them from others? The cries of torture would emanate from all corners. But it’s okay to do the same thing to innocent kids if you’re making an anti-Bush political point.

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