They want Latin and chant and beauty

They want Latin and chant and beauty

The Washington Times’ ubiquitous Julia Duin reports that Latin, chant, smells, and bells are all the rage in Catholic parishes. Not exactly a surprise to some of us, but nice to see others are noticing it. Understandably, given the complexity of the dispute over the Liturgy since Vatican II and the word count allowed for a story, she doesn’t get the differences and recent history of the Tridentine Mass and the Novus Ordo exactly right, but close enough.

She profiles one parish in McLean, Virginia, that will begin offering the NO Mass at one Mass every other Sunday starting in Lent and is also offering Latin for liturgy classes on the side. The pastor reminds us and his parish that Pope Benedict recently said that all Catholics should know at least our basic prayers in Latin.

I just know that an NO Mass would be successful here in Salem, if I could convince my pastor that it would. Maybe I’ll show him this article.

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