They don’t know their faith in Portland

They don’t know their faith in Portland

If you want to see the woeful state of catechesis among Catholic adults in this country, look no further than this article in The Oregonian. The paper rounded up Catholics to react to the half-hearted statement by Archbishop Vlazny of Portland on Catholics voting. Only one of them sounds like he even knows what he’s talking about. The rest? Here’s a sampling.

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  • Portland has its problems…no doubt there…like many cities, there are a lot of people who confuse tolerance with acceptance, and fail to realize that the murder of innocent unborn babies is not something that should be tolerated.

    The bishop has at least put some kind of statement out there, if a rather weak one. It is telling that even a lukewarm statement such as the one he made still causes wailing and gnashing of teeth among the “progressives.”

    Their catechism is the Democrat party platform, and their sacraments are homosexuality and abortion.