Therese movie opens locally

Therese movie opens locally

By the way, for all you local types, the Therese movie will be opening in Danvers, Mass., this Friday, as well as the Loews Copley in Boston.

  • If you have not seen it nor heard about it, GO SEE THE FLIPPIN’ (kudos to Jaime and Kelly) MOVIE!!!!!

    It really is a great movie.


  • THERESE is not even a so-so movie about a good Catholic. THERESE is a very bad movie. And it comes up so short in the basic cinematic ABCs—it is badly shot, badly lit, badly scored, often badly acted, and often badly written—that a rational world would consider the fact that THERESE is about a great saint a matter to hold against it—“St. Therese of Lisieux deserves better,” basically. Sainthood is not imputed through the camera lens, so the fact THERESE is about a saint is of no consequence in judging it as a film.