The war news you won’t find elsewhere

The war news you won’t find elsewhere

Wartime News:

  • Former 3rd Rock from the Sun star French Stewart changes his name to Freedom Stewart. “It’s my patriotic duty,” says actor.

  • Pro-neutral demonstrations get heated in Switzerland.

  • U.S. Military orders 300,000 cans of whoop-ass. “There’s a war in every can!”

  • Rodney King still wondering why we can’t all just get along.

  • Geraldo Rivera reveals location of the Bat Cave. Is immediately banished from Gotham.

  • “Operation: Iraqi Freedom” renamed “Operation: Who’s Your Baghdaddy?”

  • Latest Saddam video only available on Betamax. Is it up to date? Experts weigh in.

  • Geraldo Rivera reveals Colonel’s Secret Recipe. Is banned from all KFC establishments.

  • Geraldo Rivera goes into hiding. Then reveals his own undisclosed location.

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