The VOTF solution

The VOTF solution

The problem with much of Voice of the Faithful’s rhetoric is that it treats the Church as a secular institution and you rarely hear its leaders speak of her divine nature. Case in point: this article highlights a meeting of a local chapter of VOTF.

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  • And leave us not forget the “Boston-area-VOTF- affiliates-only” confab at Father “Call-Me-Walter” Cuenin’s parish tomorrow (Saturday). Gotta love that “inclusiveness.”

    If you’re not in the Boston area, you aren’t welcome.

    ‘Course, since Padre (wow he’d hate being called that!) Cuenin is what you might call a VOTF “Founding Father” (wow he’d hate being called that…the “father” part, I mean) perhaps it’s only fitting that he host the cream o’ the crop.

    Kelly <——-here to refute the rumor that the meeting is really a Rainbow Sash Quilting Bee wink