The truth leaks out

The truth leaks out

We’re finally starting to see stories in the local press showing that parish sit-ins are not monolithic, that in fact, they usually represent a very small group.

In this article about St. Jeremiah’s in Framingham, it says that only 12 to 20 people were part of the sit-in. The organizers of the protest said they have a list of 110 people willing to help, but what does that mean? Are there 110 people actively fighting the closing or are there 110 people on their mailing list? Either way, it represents a small fraction of the whole parish.

  • The truth leaks out to those who did not figure this out from the start. Those who did only see confirmation.

    Marshall Ganz, who is behind VOTF, according to VOTF, uses Alinsky’s techniques. It is Alinsky who uses Gideon as a model to make yourself bigger than you already are. That is actually only successful in the long run if like Gideon you are fighting for God, as opposed to Ganz and Alinsky who are fighting against him. Otherwise, as they demonstrate, you are eventually found out and your plan collapses like a house of cards.

    That reality is in progress now with VOTF.

  • There’s nothing implausible about the idea that there are numerous passive supporters of the vigil.  Th`

  • After a while people will get tired of it, especially with the summer coming. They’ll be going on vacation, etc., and it will be harder to find people to stay in church all the time. It will eventually fizzle out.
    Sr. Lorraine