The story of her birth

The story of her birth

Thank you, once again, to everyone for your congratulations and prayers. I’ve come home for a quick shower, to get the mail and papers, and to answer the flood of email. We live just two minutes from the hospital so it isn’t far.

Everyone is doing very well, and all the nurses ooh and aah over how beautiful and perfect she is, which is true, although I’m sure they must say that to all the parents. Mommy and baby are both in good shape and resting and bonding.

So here’s what happened. Wednesday night, Melanie’s water broke—which I’m sure some of you know isn’t like in the movies, and was more of a trickle than a gush. (Sorry, if you’re eating breakfast but you know…) We called the doctor and he said to go right in. At the time, we’d already had an appointment for Thursday afternoon at which, if nothing had yet happened, they were going to start inducing. At this time, there were only mild contractions, nothing very serious, so they gave Melanie something to help her sleep and I went home. I was too nervous to sleep and got about 2-1/2 hours.

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