The Rosary: It’s not just for Catholics anymore

The Rosary: It’s not just for Catholics anymore

This first appeared in the Dallas Morning News a couple of weeks ago. More and more Protestants are getting turned on to the Rosary, with one clear example being soldiers in Iraq requesting it of their chaplains.

Of course, many Protestants are still leery of Marian devotion, so they come up with something that looks like a Rosary but omits the Hail Mary.

It seems many Protestants are gravitating toward Catholic rituals. Celebrating Lent and Ash Wednesday, as well as using Advent wreaths, was becoming popular back in the late 80s when I was working at a Christian bookstore. Other rituals are also gaining popularity.

I think they are discovering the idea of celebrating faith through the natural world around us, like through observation of seasons, and through physical action, like running prayer beads through your fingers as you pray. Funny how those Catholics seemed to have it right all this time.

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Domenico Bettinelli