The “real” reason for the Iraq campaign

The “real” reason for the Iraq campaign

I think the guys with the clearest and most accurate view of the War on Terror and the Iraq War are George Friedman and his people at Stratfor. Friedman has a new book, mentioned in the Boston Herald today, that offers a non-partisan, clear-eyed view of the current situation.

One of Friedman’s assertions that I find intriguing is that while Iraq is a legitimate part of the War on Terror, part of the goal in taking out Saddam was to put pressure on Saudi Arabia to go after the radical elements in their country, which has been a safe haven, recruiting ground, and funding source for terrorists. Friedman says that the war has pushed the reluctant Saudis to do just that, and that al Quaida has been hit very hard. The problem is that the Bush administration can’t just come out and give that as justification for Iraq, so they’ve had to quietly endure attacks on them for saying weapons of mass destruction was one of the justifications. Really the best case is pressuring the House of Saud, but they can’t say that.