The processional samba

The processional samba

You thought it was bad when overweight, middle-aged nuns in leotards gyrated through the church doing liturgical dance. But are you ready for the celebrant doing his imitation of the whirling Dervishes carrying the Book of the Gospels to the ambo? Someone put some lead weights in Father’s shoes.

This was part of a church architecture firm’s paean to all that is new and modern. Read the language in the description of the “wreck-ovation”: The original design’s focus “was on the the Tabernacle and the holy places were protected from the people by the Communion railing.” It makes it sound like the focus being on the tabernacle is bad thing. (“Of course it was. The focus should be on the celebrant instead!”) It also makes the people sound like a ravening mob ready to tear the holy places apart, or at least the facetious tone makes it sound like that was the Church’s thinking in the “old” designs.

Poor St. Nicholas Church, stripped of its former glory and turned into a modernist playground. Remind me never to hire Church Building Architects, Inc. for any project I’m involved with.