The problem isn’t the movie, it’s the Gospels

The problem isn’t the movie, it’s the Gospels

The president of a Catholic college tells us that The Passion is bad, not because it strays from the Bible, but because the Gospels aren’t true.

Listen to his rantings and ask yourself whether this man has even heard of Dei Verbum or cares what the Church teaches: “While scholars find it difficult to establish exactly what Jesus said or did, there is no reason to believe that he rejected Judaism or the Jews.” What’s so difficult to establish? There is more reason to believe, more textual evidence from a variety of historical sources, Jesus said and did what the Bible says than there is reason to believe that Aristotle even existed, yet we don’t hear people running around saying that. No, it’s the Gospel author’s bias, he says. I am firmly convinced that this guy has no belief in the divine inspiration of Scripture or even that the Church is divinely ordained or protected.

No, what’s most important is his own intellect. See, he’s one of the enlightened, who have been given special knowledge of history and reality that the rest of us Neanderthals can’t grasp. “Many of us know better, but millions of Christians don’t – including, I fear, Mel Gibson and the large evangelical audience his film will attract.”

This guy can keep his elitism and rejection of the inspiration of Scripture and the Church. And Catholic parents would be well advised to keep their kids away from Marymount Manhattan College in New York, if they want to maintain a chance they will remain Catholic.

As George Orwell said, “You have to be an intellectual to believe such nonsense. No ordinary
man could be such a fool.”

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli