The Pope’s new ride

The Pope’s new ride

Pope VolvoWatch out because Pope Benedict is going offroading this weekend. Oh wait, it’s a Volvo, so he’s more likely to load up the staff and head out to the supermarket and soccer game.

Automakers seem to love to give Popes cars. Already in the past year, Pope Benedict’s been given Mercedes, Volvos, and more. Today, he received a Volvo XC90 sport-utility vehicle, fully loaded and top of the line.


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The blue SUV with taupe interior boasts a six-speed automatic transmission and 311-horsepower engine plus all the state-of-the-art safety features.

Though Volvo is Latin for “I turn” or “I roll,” the XC90 features a patented Roll Over Protection System, Roll Stability Control, and a whiplash protection seating system, all meant to reduce damage to passengers and the vehicle in case of an accident.

Other standard features in the seven-passenger vehicle are ergonomically designed seats, reading lamps, an eight-speaker CD player, 12-volt power outlets and 12 beverage holders.

What does the Pope do with all these gift automobiles? He doesn’t drive them himself, of course, but they are put into use by the Vatican for various official business, ferrying officials around Rome. Maybe his housekeeper will be able to use it do the grocery shopping.

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  • He dosen’t have a housekeeper contrary to what the blogger Rocco Palmo said at the start of Pope Benedict’s Papacy,  the lady in question is no longer serving Joseph Ratzinger in that capacity AND SHE DOES NOT LIVE AT THE APOSTOLIC PALACE!

  • If you mean Ingrid Stampa, I wasn’t referring to her. I meant housekeeper in a more generic sense. Somebody must buy his food and prepare his meals. I’m sure it’s a whole staff of people, but I was trying to be funny. I guess if I have to explain it…

  • Well it certainly isen’t Ingrid Stampa. She now has a new job altogether. Honestly, if people had believed Rocco Palmo (and some did) he would have had Ingrid Stampa in the role of ‘Private Secretary’, cook, cleaner and ‘Vatican Number 2’. His writing was extremely premature to say the least and poor Pope Benedict had no say in what was being spread around!

    The four ladies who do all the cooking, washing and cleaning for the Pope and his household at the Vatican belong to ‘Communione and Liberation’, and are, Christina, Carmela, Loredana and Emanuela. So you see, he has no need for a housekeeper anymore.