The pedigree of Talking about Touching

The pedigree of Talking about Touching

Here’s some interesting “connect the dots” information I’ve come up with while writing a story about “Talking about Touching.” The organization that developed it, the Committee for Children, lists in its history that its roots in an organization called Seattle COYOTE which said its mission was to “educate the public about prostitution.” Digging further, I find out that COYOTE is an acronym for “Call Off Your Tired Old Ethics” and that the organization was founded in 1973 “to work for the repeal of the prostitution laws and an end to the stigma associated with sexual work.” This is the root and foundation of the group that eventually became the Committee for Children, whose product the Archdiocese of Boston is using to teach children about sex abuse (and sex, by the way).

  • Oh, they’ll see it at the Vatican when it’s published in CWR. They have a few subscriptions over there.

    By the way, Fr. Coyne didn’t return my call, not that I expected he would. The chancery never returns my calls (any chancery).

  • I didn’t say I was insulted and I wasn’t making a crack at Fr. Coyne. It’s just been my experience that when I call chanceries I get the cold shoulder (as do most reporters who aren’t with the major media), but when I call dissident groups they take my call right away, even knowing that I oppose what they believe, because they know they can frame the story and get their side out.

    By the way, I’m not too sure these are just “good men who have been hoodwinked,” when they could be instead people who haven’t got their priorities in order, i.e. truly putting children and families first rather than lawyers and insurance companies.

  • Carol,

    Get your facts straight and stop being so prickly. For one thing, I’ve never talked to Jim Post and never claimed to have done so. For another, I’ve never claimed to have great connections or bragged about the people I can talk to.

    Maybe you should examine the plank in your own eye before pointing out the splinter in mine.