The passion of the liberal

The passion of the liberal

One of the most enjoyable of the dissections of the liberals who have turned their noses up at The Passion comes from Ann Coulter. Specifically, she mentioned the New York Times and its constant barrage of articles over the past 18 months, presuming to tell Christians that Jesus’ message was not one of redeeming suffering for our sakes by the Son of God made man for the purpose of walking the road to Calvary, but one of “be nice to people.” Oh, and by the way, the divinely inspired Word of God is an offensive and violent screed against brown-skinned people.

One Times review of “The Passion” said: “To be a Christian is to face the responsibility for one’s own most treasured sacred texts being used to justify the deaths of innocents.” At best, this is like blaming Jodie Foster for the shooting of Ronald Reagan. But the reviewer somberly warned that a Christian should “not take the risk that one’s life or work might contribute to the continuation of a horror.” So the only thing Christians can do is shut up about their religion. (And no more Jodie Foster movies!)

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  • I don’t usually do this, but I sent an email to Ann Coulter through the Townhall site.  I quoted you, Dom from the “The Last Acceptable Prejudice” because it fit so well. I hope that was alright. I gave you credit as well.

    She is dead on.  It cracks me up, in a very sad way, that these snotty intellectual types miss that OUR savior, OUR book speaks of someone who dies for us so that we don’t have to and that we can bring others into that hope, but instead opt for the bloddy vengence of Surah 9:92.  If I knew nothing about either religion and was trying to choose?  I think I’d take the Messiah, Jesus Christ.

    “Let’s see, I could either blow myself up in a suicide bomb or I could let someone else take my place….hmmm….”