The Passion inspires the wrong kind of passion

The Passion inspires the wrong kind of passion

Now this is a theological debate! A husband and wife, leaving a showing of The Passion, got into a fight while debating whether God the Father is human or symbolic. (Bzzt! Sorry, you both lose. The Father is neither human nor symbolic. Thanks for playing.)

The argument got so heated that they got violent and both called the police on the other one. And the wisdom in the whole thing comes from the sheriff’s deputy.

“Really, it was kind of a pitiful thing, to go to a movie like that and fight about it. I think they missed the point,” said Gene McDaniel, chief sheriff’s deputy.

You know, it does give me an idea. How about Steel Cage Deathmatch Theologian Brawls to decide matters of faith. In one corner we have Richard McBrien and in the other Scott Hahn. We could put up James Akins vs. Jack Chick and on the title card, Cardinal Ratzinger vs. Hans Kung.

Now those would be theological debates that wouldn’t put anyone to sleep.

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  • Cardinal Ratzinger vs. Hans Kung? Please … that’d be like Hulk Hogan vs. S.D. “Special Delivery” Jones.

    As for the couple fighting over THE PASSION, shouldn’t they have gone out to go beat up some Jews or something as Leon Wieseltier assured us.